What can we learn from the Japanese?

Tokyo is full of surprises and its people not less so. We have been travelling almost non-stop for 3 months, which implies new impressions, meeting new people and exploring never before seen places practically every day.To be honest, we are sometimes overwhelmed and we are trying to use every spare minute we have for digesting the huge amount of experiences we have collected in the course of a very short time.

Still, Tokyo – with its special vibe, its tolerance and its weirdness( in the best possible sense) – managed to inspire us as it had been the first big city we have ever visited; its creative and intriguing people blew us away. Waking around the streets of the inner city we couldn’t resist – in admiration mixed with incomprehension – staring at them and secretly taking photos of them. 🙂

One week is very little time to get a better and deeper understanding of a place, even for a village, let alone a huge metropolis like Tokyo. You need much more time to fully get the mentality of its people, to be able to interpret their behavior. That’s why we remained on the surface, and tried to learn some simple things from and about these wonderful and creative folk just by watching them.

So what can we all learn from the Japanese?

1. How to have a brave and unique style.



2. That our wedges and platforms are never too high. 


3. How we can travel in style.

girl wth suitcase

4. That we don’t need to make a decision between long and short hair – there is an in-between option.

girl dressed in black

5. “Hello Kitty” is an ever-green, at least in her home country.

Hello KItty

6. Being trendy is not only the prerogative of a woman.

trendy boy

7. Just like the use of fans. 

man with a fan

8. That sun-protection is key to preserve the good condition of our skin and using sunscreen is not the only option.


…you can use the smaller, more sporty version


9. That there is nothing more important than our health. (For us, Europeans it is a bit weird to see people getting about wearing masks, but for Asian people it is a very common way of protecting themselves from germs or protecting other people if they are ill themselves.)


10. That tradition and modernity can go side-by-side.


11. That it is never too early to start respecting your traditions.

little boy wearing kimono

12. That you cannot be too busy to play –  even if it is just a lunch break round on a normal working day, why not?


13. That you can sleep anywhere.

girls sleeping in the bus

….anywhere I said!

sleeping man

And they really do sleep anywhere – bus, train or any other public places. Amazing! And as they live in a very safe country, they can do it without worries. Travel guides written for Japanese people, often call people’s attention to the fact that in a certain country it is not safe sleeping on public transport or other public areas, because their bags might get stolen while asleep. Normally, they wouldn’t even count with this possibility. 🙂

We hope you liked the pics and we could arouse – if you didn’t have it before) your curiosity and enthusiasm towards the country of the Rising Sun and its adorable people.

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