Thailand – Namaste


Hi Guys, it’s been a while since we last posted anything here on Globerockers. We’ve been in Thailand for more than 2 months and we haven’t even told you a word about it. It is especially sad considering that we are super happy here. It is almost selfish from us not to share our happiness with you. <3 But how on earth could we not be happy here? Koh Phangan – our temporary home – is a magical island on the south of Thailand right next to the famous tourist-packed island Koh Samui. As it is low and rainy season at the moment, it is relatively peaceful here – at least on the part of the island we are staying at. As several Thai islands, Koh Phangan is famous for its legendary full moon parties, but our village (Sri Thanu) is more like a spiritual place full of yoga studios, detox places and healers. Most people come here to find their better selves and/or heal their bodies, or just to have some peace. The whole island is said to be built on a special crystal which makes it such an energetically recharging place. Not to mention the moon’s impact on people, which is also amplified here.IMAG5446

I’ve always thought that travelling only means moving constantly from one place to the next experiencing something new on a daily basis; practically constantly stuffing yourself with impressions, facts, languages…How could I have been so wrong? Whereas we loved every minute of our travels in Australia, NZ and Asia, we really did, by August we got so exhausted, that we knew we needed some time off, some time for ourselves. So many things happened within a short period of time and after a while we just couldn’t take it anymore. The motorbike accident in the Philippines must have been a sign that we should slow down; and we understood the message. We arrived in Thailand at the very end of August planning to stay here for two months. Last Monday we extended our visa with an extra month, which is the maximum extra time we can get without having to leave the country.


We have received so much from this place; we have never been so content before, at least not on a daily basis. We have no luxury here: practically we are wearing the same clothes every day, and no shoes at all, hardly any make-up (if at all) and we are staying at a bungalow without proper wardrobe or kitchen. BUT our bungalow has a nice terrace with a hammock and ocean view, we practice yoga and meditation every day, we are surrounded by like-minded lovely people, we eat fresh fruits and heavenly Thai food daily and we are so free to do anything we fancy. I am soooo grateful for this life and so happy that we made some life-changing decisions in the last couple of years. Speaking of life-changing decisions: Martin is half-way through his yoga teacher training course and very soon he is going to be a certified yoga teacher!!! And he will be an awesome teacher…I am so proud of him! <3


While Martin is busy with his TTC course, I am going deeper and deeper into my nutritional studies and began my long journey – by doing a Reiki 1 course – to become a healer. Exciting news, right?

This is all for now. Next time I am going to tell you more interesting stuff about the island (with pictures) and of course the food.:)


All pictures here

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