Mumbai – our first impressions in India

This has been our very first time in India and the 3 days spent in Mumbai (Bombay) was the most intense cultural experience I have ever had. Well-travelled people say – and they are so right – that you cannot prepare for this experience. After traveling in South-East Asia for Continue Reading →

New Zealand travel tips: how to make the most of your trip!

We L-O-V-E New Zealand! If you read our previous post on our kiwi trip, you will have no doubts that we had wonderful time there. BUT if your budget is quite tight (like ours) still you want to make the most of your travels it is good to consider a Continue Reading →

The two faces of Fiji

BULA everyone! 🙂This is the word Fijian people use to say hello, and they say hello all the time, so be polite and do the same!To be honest, I’ve never thought I will ever come to Fiji; as the trip from Auckland to Hong Kong is too long, the girl Continue Reading →

A flying visit to Sydney & relaxing days in Byron Bay

All Melbournians we met hated Sydney saying that it is too busy, has no style and people are snobbish bastards only thinking about money. Arriving in Sydney was a relief. It is a beautiful multicultural city with lots of green areas and nice neighborhoods. Although the inner city is too Continue Reading →