Ode to the gorgeous people of New Zealand


While in Australia we kept hearing that if we find Australian people nice and friendly we will change our opinion in New Zealand, because over there people are even more friendly. We couldn’t believe this until we got there.
The amount of love and care we have received in the last almost 3 weeks from complete strangers is unbelievable and unprecedented. Either we have been extremely lucky or kiwis are indeed the loveliest people on the planet.
It all started in Auckland where we landed after a 3 hours’ flight from Sydney. We were hungry, exhausted and a bit blue as well – leaving our dreamland Australia after 4,5 months wasn’t easy. Our NZ trip was pretty much unplanned: accommodation only for 2 nights, no bus tickets, no friends to turn to and we were expecting a freezing cold winter weather. What shall I say? We were not in the most positive mood.


Then came Sid, our couchsurfing host, who had been kind enough to invite us to his place after reading our “emergency ad” on the couchsurfing website just 2 days earlier. He not only picked us up from the train station but he cooked for us and put us up in a huge room with a comfy bed; he really made our day and gave a good start to our kiwi trip. We felt like family-members in his house, and he gave us a feeling of security, which I had never experienced before from a stranger. Like our Maori dad. 🙂

Lions Rock, Auckland So thanks to Sid we still have only positive experiences with couchsurfing. It seems like the world (at least New Zealand) is packed with gorgeous & generous people who are ready to help us out.
This theory was proven a week later again as we were hitch-hiking and were picked up by two fabulous ladies, Andrea and Donna. The funny thing was that we both wanted to go to the same town but we both made a mistake: while we were hitch-hiking at the wrong road they took a wrong turning as well; it seems like we were just meant to meet each other. After loads of story-telling and laughing, Andrea – who is an expat from Australia by the way – not only offered to take us to Wellington the following day but she also invited us to spend 2 nights at her beautiful house. She just trusted us, which was an amazing and honouring feeling. Again, the help came in the best moment and we found a new friend too. Thank you so much, Andrea & David for everything you’ve done for us!


After this extremely positive experience we kind of expected something terrible coming. We were about to start wwoofing at a couple’s -Jana & Wiremu’s – place we didn’t know much about. They could have been just cold and unfriendly, we could have just felt like slaves at their place, but guess what? They turned out to be the most amazing people on earth. We learned so much from them about health, sustainable lifestyle & positive mindset (more on this subject soon on my lifestyleblog), they provided us with beautiful, nutritious food and as a bonus, we just had the best time together; a new friendship was born. After only 3 days with these guys I feel to be so much more than before. Thank you, Guys, for the wonderful time! (If you want to know more about Jana & Wiremu,you can read the interview I made with Jana for Womanity, a Hungarian online magazine soon.)


And these were only the absolute highlights of our positive human interactions we had in Kiwiland. I haven’t mentioned yet the hostel receptionist who happily gave us a “honeymoon upgrade”, the guy and his daughter who instead of explaining us the way to the village we were heading to, just gave us a lift, or the other guy who picked us up from the road while we were hitch-hiking and chose the longer route so that we can achieve our destination. Thank you all, lovely people for making our time in New Zealand so special and for giving us back the trust in humanity.

Bay of Islands

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