Eating out & the best places for real coffee in Gokulam, Mysore

Hello dear Friends,

We’ve just spent a month in beautiful Gokulam (Mysore), and would like to share a couple of recommendations on places to eat out with you to make your yoga trip easier and more delicious.


First of all for breakfast:
No question, to have breakfast in Gokulam there is no better place than Khushi. It opens really early (around 6 during the week), it has a huge selection of different egg dishes, smoothies, juices, pancakes and porridge. They serve beautiful organic French press coffee. There is a lot of space so you can come with a big group of people (all your yoga friends) and enjoy a fulfilling breakfast. It’s open till 2 pm.
If you wanna have beautiful organic food and the best South Indian thali in town, you must go to Depth and Green. The place is rather small (a big table in the middle plus individual tree trunk tables with benches) so do not organize big group dinners here, but this is the perfect place for a quiet dinner with a couple of friends of by yourself. There is always nice background music on, the stuff is super friendly, and you can also find pretty interesting books to read in case you have no company.
If the boss is there – sometimes even if he is not there – you can even get refill for your thali. 🙂

Depth and Green

If you are planning to have dinner with a group of friends and wanna enjoy long conversations in a peaceful atmosphere, go to Chakra House. It is a place with low tables and mattresses & pillows to sit on. The stuff is really friendly (a mix of locals and volunteering western yogis) and they do not bother you even if you are chatting hours long over a hot chocolate or reading a book for ages. Make sure that you try the vegan chocolate cake  if you are there.

Chakra House

The organic restaurant Dhatu is best if you want more variety in food. They have beautiful curries, all different types of flat breads and also juices. The food here is amazing, the atmosphere is not as zen and laid back as in the other places I have mentioned before but still really nice.  You can also find an organic store and an organic vegetable stand in the same building.


The Green Hotel is famous for its beautiful garden and yummy food. It is located next to a very busy road, but as soon as you enter the gate, you forget about the traffic. The restaurant is half open – covered on the top but not on the side, so you can admire the stunning rose garden while enjoying your food. As the name already implies, the Green Hotel is not only a restaurant but a hotel as well, and there is also a separate cafe which I have not visited yet so I cannot give you any info about the quality of the coffee they serve. The price range here is a bit higher than the average food prices in Gokulam, but still affordable. I would absolutely recommend this place for special celebrations or an occasional indulgence on any weekdays.
Finding a proper cup of cappuccino or flat white is definitely a challenge in Mysore, but it’s not impossible.

Green Hotel

The best places I’ve come across were DiBa’s Cafe and the Espresso Corner of Depth ‘n’ Green (Originally this was a small organic shop but the coffee served here became so popluar that most people know it much more as a cafe than a shop.) . While the first one is perfect if you wanna sit around for a while studying or even have lunch before coffee, the second one is a place for socializing.

DiBa´s Café

Depth and Green Café

After you spent a week or so in Mysore and having met a lot of yogis, you just always bump into someone you know, or if not you can make new acquaintances here as people are really open and chatty. The lady at the cashier’s desk is amazing, always helpful and friendly. DiBa’s is a proper café with low tables and pillows to sit on. They are open from 11 am to 7 pm and they also serve a variety of dishes and smoothies. The Depth ‘n’ Green Espresso corner is really there just for coffee lovers from 7 am to 7 pm, they do serve nice carrot muffins though. But in case you wanna eat or drink anything else, you can go to the Depth ‘n’ Green restaurant which is just around the corner. Both the restaurant and the cafe are closed on Mondays.

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