The belated Rottnest report (abridged)


Hello dear English-speaking friends, family & unknown readers,

You might have seen the beautiful pictures in the last two entries, and in case you didn’t understand what those articles were about, I am giving you a short summery. Don’t worry you are not missing out on the best parts even if this entry will not be as long as the previous ones 🙂

On16th March we had our 1 year wedding anniversary. This is a huge thing, (right?) and we wanted to celebrate it accordingly. Well, we did.

If you have ever been to Western Australia, you must have heard of Rottnest Island. It is a little piece of paradise in the Indian Ocean about 20 km away from the continent. It is just a 30min trip by ferry but disembarking you step into a completely different world; a world free of cars, pollution, stress and uproar. What you have is breathtaking landscape, unique flora and fauna (quokkas ♥ ), clear water and air, plus happy non-stop smiling people. People like us who are used to the unfriendliness of big cities felt even a bit strange being smiled at by complete strangers all the time. Luckily we usually adapt to our environment quite quickly; on the second day we started “shocking” the new-comers with huge smiles and positive energy 🙂

After spending only 2 days on this wonderful island, but we left with loads of wonderful experiences.
Here is a short summery of the highlights:

♥     cuddling with quokkas

♥     watching the sunset with pelicans

♥     snorkeling in the crystal clear water of the Indian Ocean

♥    having a picnic at the seaside while the sun was disappearing behind the cliffs

♥    cycling around Rottnest, enjoying nature and stopping by anywhere we fancied

♥    having breakfast and enjoying my morning coffee at the pool (I could get used to this…)

♥   playing cards in the morning sunshine accompanied by two colorful parrots

♥    having a nice nap on a sandy beach

♥    standing petrified on the top of the cliffs at West End the most western spot of Rottnest and not believing that the majestic landscape that we can see is actually real; you can literally feel        the huge power of nature: whitecaps in the ocean and extremely strong wind, breath-taking

♥    boating along Swan River right into the river mouth in Fremantle

It was a MAGICAL WEEKEND. I wonder how we could make our next anniversary (on 6th May 🙂 as special as this one…but meanwhile – just to get a bit inspired – we are taking a short trip to Bali so stay tuned for more wonderful pictures 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!

all pics here

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